The academy


P3 Academy is located at The Tennis Centre’s 3 locations in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia. P3 is owned and operated by passionate tennis coaches.  What makes us unique is that we only hire coaches with a vast experience in player development.  We do not hire ex-player hitting partners and charge the same fees as working with experienced coaches.  We keep our P3 team to 8 players who are fully supported by our Academy Directors and coaches.  There are no players paying big fees to train with secondary coaches while a select few get top coaching.  Our business is self sufficient and everyone gets the same quality program without subsidizing other kids programs.

At P3 we believe in a family atmosphere where players and their parents are treated with respect and inclusion.  We care about our tennis family and take care of them.

We will role model and instill our academy values of Sportsmanship, Effort, Courage, Gratitude, Respect, and Contribution.  We will always work relentlessly to help players reach their full potential.

We are always grateful to players who trust us with their games and families that trust us with their children.  

Full time players

P3 full time players have their entire programs managed and delivered by the P3 coaching team.  The program is 52 weeks and included developmental, competitive, and rest and recovery blocks.   Players will receive all of the required on court, gym and sports science support to reach their full potential.

Access players

Players accessing the P3 Academy may do so in a couple different ways.  Players may access the academy for the entire year on a part time basis to supplement other training they receive.  Players may also access the program on a weekly or monthly basis for specific training blocks.

For details on how to register for the P3 International Tennis Academy as a full time or access player please contact Tom Mclean at